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Vandaag, 2 juni
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Risico Fenomeen Begin Einde
Thunderstorms 2023-06-02 20:39 2023-06-03 00:59 Commentaar Attention! Thunderstorm (lightning) is expected, possibly accompanied by stormy gusts and hail. Be especially careful in highly exposed places (mountains, forests, open areas).
Rain 2023-02-25 00:00 2023-02-25 23:59 Commentaar 20 mm precipitation can be expected in 24 hours. Localised flooding of low lying fields, recreational land and car parks. Flooding of a small number of homes and businesses. Wet road surfaces and possibility of ponding water, especially in known trouble spots. Water on roads - drive according to the conditions encountered. Local disruption to travel - longer journey times.


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